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Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO4·2H2O 
Depending on its shape and characteristics in the nature, it can be divided into different groups with different uses. Gypsum rock (Lump) which is the most natural form of gypsum with the purity of  75% to 97% is mostly being used to make plastering gypsum that is used in construction. While plastering is the main application of the gypsum rock it is also being used in other industries such as Medicine, Concrete manufacturing, Molding and agriculture. 

Other types of Gypsum :

Crystal Gypse (Selenite) : 
Gypsum rock with a purity of almost 100% is called Gypse. Gypse can be found in crystal clear (Selenite) or in other colors in nature. Various applications of Gypse include dental, medical industries, as well as making decorations and decorative facades  

Micronized Gypsum:  
Micronized gypsum is a processed and sorted gypsum for plastering with micrometer granulation. The main use of this high-quality gypsum is in the construction industry and for the final stage of plastering. This plaster can be prepared from mesh size 40 to 1500, but the most common sizes are mesh 100 and mesh 200.  

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Polymer Gypsum: 
Polymer gypsum or light combined gypsum is a type of reinforced and engineered gypsum that gives very practical properties to normal plaster. The base of this product is the same as construction plaster, but its combination with other materials has strengthened its performance. The main difference between this gypsum and micronized gypsum is the initial and final setting time, its resistance to moisture and its hardness. There are different types of polymer plaster, which are introduced in the continuation of this page.  

Applications of Gypsum: 

  • Plastering 
  • Wallboard production
  • Medical and dental usage
  • Agricultural usage
  • Cement production
  • Shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics additive 
  • Water refinery 
  • Decoration 

ABWAB Minerals supplies raw Gypsum rock (Lump), Gypse (Selenite), processed micronized gypsum for plastering and Polymer gypsum in different grades for a wide range of applications. 
Here we  have Technical Sales Representatives to assist you in the selection of the appropriate Gypsum grade that matches the requirements of your intended application. 

Gypsum group Products

Gypsum rock (Lump)

Raw gypsum rock with different purities from 75% to 100% . Available in 0-10 mm , 10-50 mm and other sizes as per customer requirements. 


Purity  available from 75% to 97% 
Size All sizing available 
Whiteness 99%
SiO2 0.78
SO3 41.90
Cao 29.35
MgO 1.09
Fe2O3  0.32
Al2O3 0.22
Moisture 0.82

Packing and Delivery details:

Packing : 25kg bags or jumbo bags 
Customer special packing can be accepted for bulk orders. 
Delivery terms:  FOB Jebel Ali Dubai, CFR and CIF every port on the world. 
Samples:  Can be sent . Shipping cost to be coverd by the customer. 
Payment:  TT, LC and flexible payment accepted beased on the order. 

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