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Manganese ore is a raw mineral extracted from manganese-rich deposits, encompassing various manganese oxide and carbonate minerals. Recognized for its essential role in metallurgical applications, manganese ore serves as a crucial raw material in the production of steel and other alloys. The ore is characterized by its diverse mineral compositions, including pyrolusite, braunite, and psilomelane. Manganese ore undergoes beneficiation processes, involving crushing, washing, and magnetic separation, to improve its quality and remove impurities. Manganese ore is a globally traded commodity, influencing the steel industry's efficiency and the manufacturing of batteries, fertilizers, and various chemical compounds. The manganese market dynamics are shaped by factors like global demand, geopolitical considerations, and technological advancements.

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What we supply: 
At the moment, we are supplying Manganese Ore in the shape of Lumps and chips with the purity of 28 % and above. Loading bulk in containers and deliver it to the customer ports worldwide. 

Applications of Manganese Ore: 

  • Steel production
  • Battery production
  • Chemical industry
  • Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM)
  • Ferroalloys
  • Environmental applications
  • Medical and health applications
  • Ceramics and glass industry
  • Electronics

ABWAB Minerals supplies Manganese Ore in different grades for a wide range of applications. 
Here we  have Technical Sales Representatives to assist you in the selection of the appropriate Manganese Ore that matches the requirements of your intended application. 

Manganese Ore

Manganese Ore (Lump)

Manganese ore in its lumpy form refers to naturally occurring chunks or irregularly shaped pieces of manganese-bearing rock. These lumpy deposits typically contain varying proportions of manganese oxides, with manganese content ranging from moderate to high levels. Manganese ore in its lumpy state is a crucial raw material for various industries, prominently steel production, as it serves as a vital alloying element enhancing the strength and durability of steel. The irregular shapes of manganese ore lumps make them distinctive and necessitate processing to extract manganese for utilization in applications ranging from metallurgy to battery production.

Purity (Mn) 28% and higher
MnO 38% and Above
Size 0 - 300 mm 
Fe2O3 8% - 15% 
Al2O3 8% - 15%
P <0.1%
S <0.1%
SiO2 20% - 35%
Moisture up to 1%

Packing and Delivery details:

Packing : Bulk in container 
Delivery terms:  FOB Jebel Ali , CFR and CIF every port on the world. 
Samples:  Can be sent . Shipping cost to be coverd by the customer. 
Payment:  TT, LC and flexible payment accepted beased on the order. 

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