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Silica, also called silicon dioxide, compound of the two most abundant elements in Earth’s crust, silicon and oxygen, SiO2.  
Silica is one of the best and most important components of sand filtration. For this reason, it is sometimes called sand filtration silica. Silica has the chemical formula SIO2, which is extracted from the silica mine and is one of the minerals that is widely used in many industries, including the water industry and in working sand filtration systems

Applications of Silica: 

Silica has many industrial applications in abrasives and polishes, in glass manufacturing, Paint and coating fillers and extenders, silica brick manufacturing as a catalyst; in specialty coatings, cleaners ceramics, electronics optics, and refractories; in ferro-silicon manufacturing and rubber  

  • Painting and coating industries 
  • PVC 
  • Rubber and plastic 
  • Manufacturing of composites, ceramics and tiles 
  • Crystal manufacturing 
  • Glasswork and glass industry 
  • Water refinery 
  • Electronics industry

ABWAB Minerals supplies Silica in different grades for a wide range of applications. 
Here we  have Technical Sales Representatives to assist you in the selection of the appropriate Silica grade that matches the requirements of your intended application. 

Silica Grades :

Micronized Silica: 
Micronized silica or powdered silica is one of the most widely used minerals and is produced in various meshes including 180 mesh, 230 mesh, 325 mesh upto 2500 with a purity of over 99%.

Production of micronized silica: 
Silica ore is extracted from the mine and after measures such as granulation and removal of waste materials, it is directed to strong mills. Silica rock is granulated by fully automatic machines by micron sizing method. Micronized powder is used in various industries; You can contact to Abwab Mineral corporation to buy micronized silica powder with accurate granulation and information about the price of micronized powder.

Micronized silica powder is the result of the process of grinding industrial stones or silica ore; After grinding, a powder is obtained  and is known as micronized silica powder. The reason for naming this material is that a micron unit is used to measure it.

Before buying a micronized powder, it is good to know that its quality depends on two things:

Industrial stone that is milled.
Granulation size (mesh) of micronized silica powder particles.

Different types of micronized mills: 

Raymond Mill: Mostly used in mining, chemical and metallurgical industries.
Jet Mill: Used in the production of pharmaceutical and food powders.
Ball Mill: With the ability to grind hard, wet materials, crushing to 2500 mesh.
Separator mill: It is a kind of mechanical impact mill with the ability to crush materials up to 2000 mesh and temperature sensitive materials.
Advanced Raymond Mill

Super Plus silica 
With a purity of 99.9%, precise granulation and excellent quality is the best type of silica available in the market. One of the main and most important applications of premium silica is in the production of high quality glass and crystal.

Premium silica
Premium silica is one of the best types of this mineral; Sale of premium type silica is used in many industries such as: glass industry, aquarium sand, glazing industry, etc.

First Grade silica
This type of first grade silica is after premium silica. First grade silica has a purity of over 98.5%. The color of first grade silica is often white and has a high hardness.

Second Grade silica
The usual purity of second grade silica is about 90%. Second-class silica for industries for which the purchase of silica is a lower priority; And at the same time looking for a good quality are good.

Amorphous silica
This material is crisp and soft. Silica amorphous type is excavated by various devices and used as a powder in various industries. Amorphous silica has properties such as: high heat resistance.

Packing and Delivery details:

Packing : 25kg bags or jumbo bags 
Customer special packing can be accepted for bulk orders. 
Delivery terms:  FOB Jebel Ali Dubai, CFR and CIF every port on the world. 
Samples:  Can be sent . Shipping cost to be coverd by the customer. 
Payment:  TT, LC and flexible payment accepted beased on the order. 

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