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Rock salt, also known as halite, is a crystalline mineral predominantly composed of sodium chloride (NaCl). Formed through the evaporation of ancient seas and saltwater lakes, rock salt is often found in vast underground deposits. Recognized for its distinctive transparent to translucent appearance, rock salt crystals can range from colorless to shades of pink, red, or blue, owing to the presence of impurities. Beyond its culinary use as a seasoning, rock salt plays a crucial role in various industries. It is widely utilized in de-icing and snow removal on roads during winter, as well as in the chemical industry for the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Its abundance and versatility make rock salt a valuable resource with applications extending from food preservation to industrial processes.

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What we supply: 
We are supplying Rock Salt in different colors and shapes based on the customer requirements. Loading bulk in containers or Packed in jumbo bags and deliver it to the customer ports worldwide. 

Applications of Rock Salt: 

  • Culinary use (seasoning and food preservation)
  • De-icing and snow removal on roads
  • Chemical industry (production of chlorine and caustic soda)
  • Water softening
  • Animal nutrition
  • Tanning industry
  • Preserving fish and meat
  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Textile industry
  • Bath salts and beauty products.

ABWAB Minerals supplies Rock Salt in different grades for a wide range of applications. 
Here we  have Technical Sales Representatives to assist you in the selection of the appropriate Rock Salt that matches the requirements of your intended application. 

Rock Salt

Colorful world of the Rock Salt

Rock salt, primarily composed of sodium chloride, often exhibits various colors due to the presence of impurities and mineral content. The most common color of rock salt is white or colorless, representing high purity levels. However, impurities can impart distinct hues to the crystals. Pink or reddish tones are frequently observed and are attributed to the presence of minerals like iron oxide. Blue or gray shades may result from the presence of sylvite or other minerals. Some rock salt deposits also showcase translucent crystals with a yellowish tint due to the inclusion of sulfur compounds. The diverse range of colors in rock salt adds not only to its aesthetic appeal but also serves as an indicator of its mineral composition and purity. Despite these variations, rock salt maintains its essential applications in industries and households, irrespective of its color.

Purity (NACL) 98% and higher
Taste and Smell Salty taste and free from any external smells
Sulfate (SO4) Max 0.03
Mg Max 0.05
Ca Max 0.5
Moisture up to 1%

Packing and Delivery details:

Packing : Bulk in container , Packed in jumbo bags 
Delivery terms:  FOB Jebel Ali , CFR and CIF every port on the world. 
Samples:  Can be sent . Shipping cost to be coverd by the customer. 
Payment:  TT, LC and flexible payment accepted beased on the order. 

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